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Mentionmapp Analytics investigates the digital ecosystem using our visualization tools, machine and human intelligence. Our consulting services reveal how information and misinformation flows through networks on Twitter. 

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Social Media Investigation and Insights

We investigate and separate real social profiles from the fakes. You'll make decisions from true engagement insights not misleading false signals. Start trusting the social information you see. 


Twitter Network Visualization Analytics Tool

Visualize and explore interactions, build critical relationships and find out who is carrying today’s conversations. Find new hashtags and followers that you might have missed otherwise.

A report by Mentionmapp found that the emergence of these accounts probably wasn’t automated - meaning they weren’t bots - but appeared to be mainly a short-lived, “orchestrated” anti-Rohingya campaign designed to resemble a grassroots movement.
— Facebook isn’t alone - Steve Stecklow: A REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT

Social Media Investigtion & Insights

We investigate and deliver insights about the trends and key social profiles connected with them.


Custom Research

We identify the fake profiles and false signals eroding trust in the conversations important topics that matter to you.

Information Security Insights

We deliver custom reports about fake activity, identify threats to your social information security, and advise about profiles that present a risk.

Beyond Marketing Insights 

We provide you insights beyond marketing impressions and clicks. We highlight the risks that can't be seen on social media such as social bots and malicious programmatic activity.


Social Information Security Audits & Assessments


Mentionmapp, Your Twitter Network Visualization Tool

Grow your network and see others at work by discovering critical online relationships and conversations. Find out new connections, conversations and networks that matter to you.


See Social Engagement

It’s as easy as entering a Twitter handle or hashtag to start your journey through the most recent conversations and interactions. Reveal what matters to you as it’s happening now.

See who’s carrying the conversation

Reveal what important conversations are happening now. See who the important contributors are, and the information you can’t afford to miss.

See Strong & Weak Engagement

See the depth of Twitter engagements with this  real time network map. Participate in authentic conversations that matter to you.



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